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Zed Merrill & Associates – World War II Documentaries and Untold Stories

Zed Merrill is a writer and documentary film maker whose passion is to help bring about long overdue recognition to specific unsung events and to certain individuals whose heroic experiences were never completely told during and after WWII. Some were either forgotten or purposely swept under the rug.

Merrill is a veteran of the war himself, having served in the little-known U.S. Navy Armed Guard with a gun crew aboard a merchant ship that delivered military supplies to the allies. An unglamorous duty that often ended with a ship being sunk. He first produced “Forgotten Valor” to bring recognition to his own overlooked navy unit, an effort that eventually helped them receive a long overdue U.S. Congressional Record commendation.

His productions cover such topics, among others, as the startling true story about the Nagasaki atom bomb mission, the army nurses that followed the D-Day landings, the enemy air raid the allies are still trying to cover-up, and the Japanese-American soldiers whose heroic combat record was kept from the American public.

All of these documentaries have won International Awards.