WORLD WAR II DOCUMENTARIES, by Zed Merrill & Associates
DVD’s & Books documenting many untold heroic stories of World War 2

Zed Merrill is a Portland, Oregon writer and documentary film maker who is on a mission to help bring about long overdue recognition to specific war time events and individuals whose heroic achievements were never completely revealed during and after WWII. Some were either forgotten or purposely swept under the rug.

Merrill is a veteran of the war himself, having served in the little-known U.S. Navy Armed Guard who were gun crews aboard merchant ships delivering military supplies to the allies. An unglamorous duty that often resulted with a ship being sunk. He first produced Forgotten Valor to bring recognition to his own overlooked gun crews, an effort that helped the Armed Guard to eventually be placed in the U.S. Congressional Record.

His productions cover such topics as the un-sung army nurses that followed the D-Day landings, the startling true story behind the Nagasaki atom bomb mission, the cover-up of a German air raid that is still claiming lives to this day, the biggest allied betrayal in naval history, and an army battalion that became the highest decorated military force in U.S history and the American people were never told about them.

All of these one-of-a-kind WWII documentaries have won International Awards and cannot be found in stores anywhere.

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WANTED ! World War II stories of Christian faith.
I’m preparing a new book of short stories from the
WWII  era and I want  you to  become  part  of  the
project  with  me.  The subject  must be  one of the
Christian faith.
Here’s an example:A Lady from California, as an 8 year old little girl
from  Missouri  during  the  war,  saw  her  older
brother, who was in the Army Air Force, step off
a city bus not  far from  her home .  They hugged
and  kissed  and  walked  together  toward  their
house when he suddenly  stopped,  knelt beside
his little sister and told her to  run ahead and he
would  catch  up.
She ran  ahead  and when she
entered the house her mother was on her knees
in prayer with  her brother’s  picture clutched in
her hand. She was crying  and  had just received
word her son was missing in action. The little girl
excitedly told  her mother he  was safe  and was
just outside on  the sidewalk.  They both  ran to
look, but there was nobody there.

The boy was missing in action,  but the little girl
swore she was with him near her home and that
he  had  told  her  to  run  ahead  and  tell  their
mother  he was on  his way.   Daily prayers  and
three  months  later  she saw  her brother again
coming up the sidewalk. Only this  time he  was
really there.

If  we publish  your short  story we  will  give your
name credit and an autographed copy of the book.
Send your story to zedmerrill.com or to Zed Merrill
PO Box 19608, Portland
, OR 97219